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Notes from the Heart

Submitted by on Tuesday, 24 February 20092 Comments
Notes from the Heart

Acts that mean the most come from the personal side. One way to show your companion your affection is to spell it out… on notes! You can buy little heart-shaped sticky notes, or you can cut out heart shapes yourself using anything from Christmas wrapping paper to scrapbooking paper. Maybe you haven’t quite reached the “heart” stage in your relationship, other fun shapes and colors can liven up this act of kindness. Maybe you should use arrows if you want them to follow a path, or cover your partner’s couch in dots, solid or plaid.

The important part is that you tell the person how you feel about them. Be sure to write about a variety of topics.

  • You can start with easy things like physical attraction: I love your eyes, your long toes are just adorable, or the way you smile makes me smile.
  • Be sure to include emotional connections and compliments like: you are always so kind, I love how we hold hands so often, or you and I are so happy together.
  • This is a fun time to point out similarities that sometimes get overlooked: I love that we both like riding bikes, going geocaching is so much fun together, or I’m happy you do/don’t eat meat.
  • Gratitude is another avenue of thoughts from the heart: I love it when you help me change my oil, thanks for cheering me up when I am down, or you make amazing brownies.
  • Also, reminding your companion about happy memories, recent or otherwise, will have them smiling for days. Remember that walk we took last week at sunset, our hands entwined? That day flying kites will always be a day I treasure. When they buried me in the sand, you were so sweet to stand over me and let your shadow protect my eyes from the sun.
  • Anything will do, really. As long as it is something personal between you two, and you put time into thinking about it and mainly her/him!

Presentation of the notes is not as important as what the notes say and mean. However, do not just dump them on the floor and wait for your companion to step on them, they might throw them out! Get creative.

Use the arrow sticky notes to form a path that ends up at a batch of cookies or a new pair of earrings or better yet: YOU! If you used sticky notes: form a heart shape on the wall or cover their workspace, including their monitor or favorite journal, in thoughts from you.

If you cut them out yourself, you could place them on the ground like flower petals, perhaps in a shape like a spiral, house, or two stick figures holding hands, or cover the bed or table with them. The possibilities are endless with this little gift of time and thoughts, from the heart.

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  • Joe said:

    Do you think it would be weird for a guy to do this for a girl? It seems sort of girly but could be fun…

  • IMBL said:

    I think a guy could do it for a girl no problem. It’s fun to get creative as to where you leave the notes, too – anywhere from the toaster to the dashboard of the car always brings a smile to anyone’s face!

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